Ion Foot Spa – How To Create More Value For Your Clients and Double or Triple Your Income.

ion-foot-spaDear Business Owner

Could you use an extra $1500.00 or more each week? If so, read every word of this letter.

I’m Barry Cross, CEO of Lenson International Corp. We make numerous exclusive health products. I’ve discovered a way for people like you to offer your clients, patrons or patients a unique and healthy experience that will add to your income, quickly and easily.

Even when the economy is bad, people will always be concerned about their health. People always want to look and feel better. They want to be pampered a bit too. Guess what? You can provide your clients with all of those things!

Let me explain . . .

Introducing The Lenson Ion Foot Spa

Toxins. You’ve heard of them. They’re the poisons that get into our bodies and cause us all sorts of illnesses and discomforts. Our COMMERCIAL GRADE foot spa uses a process called Electrolysis and Osmosis. It’s safe and effective, gentle and easy to use. It’s a system to use in your spa, health care practice, beauty shop or even your home.

The Lenson Ionic Detox Foot Bath Is The Premier System For Spas, Clinics And Beauty Salons

Our commercial grade Lenson Ion Detox Foot Spa system uses a dual electrode module called an array. It’s put in the water in the body of the spa. The array creates an electromagnetic field causing the osmosis. The ions act like magnets and draw toxins from the body through the 2000 plus sweat glands that each of us have in our feet. The system removes the toxins and deposits them in the water ~ freeing the body of the nasty poisons and causing your client to feel better and be healthier. The water changes color and shows the exact location where toxins are being pulled from his or her body.

As you can quickly see, this is exciting! Your clients or patients will love it. While they’re enjoying the soothing foot bath, the nasty toxins will leave their bodies and the water will show where their problem areas are. In addition the ion foot spa will balance the bodies pH level allowing normal body functions to operate and energize the body.

This is an exclusive health benefit that people can get just from you when you sign up now. You will start making money as soon as you get your package and read the manual and information that comes with it.

In addition, we’ll help you in every way we can. But, chances are, you won’t need any help? Why? This is a very easy-to-use system. It almost runs itself.

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Discover Some Exciting Benefits About the Ionic Detox Foot Bath.

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Benefits

  • • Liver/ Kidney Detoxification
  • • Removes Heavy Metals
  • • Balance Body pH Levels
  • • Boost Metabolism
  • • Improve Blood Circulation
  • • Improves Healthy Cell Re-generation
  • • Strengthen the Immune System
  • • Increase Energy
  • • Reduce Stress
  • • Provides Pain Relief
  • • Internal Cleansing
  • • Reduces Wrinkles & Acne
  • • Improves Memory and Sleep
  • • Improved Sex Life

Ionic Detox Foot Bath Features

  • • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • • Designed in North America
  • • Underwriters Laboratory Approved
  • • Sold throughout USA & Canada
  • • Dual Electrode 316 Stainless  Array
  • • Custom Molded Double Shell Basin
  • • Integrated Computer with LCD Screen
  • • 3 Safe Treatment Cleanse Settings
  • • Automated Polarity Adjusting
  • • Simple to Use
  • • Designed for Clinics or In Home Use
  • • Does Not Require Monitoring
  • • Portable – Padded Carry Bag
  • • Hygienic Design – Uses Liners

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Here’s a Quick Way To Increase Your Income.

You’re here because you want to make more money. Let me tell you how you will quickly add to your income by providing a healthy foot spa experience for each of your existing clients.

  • • You take NO RISK!
  • • You don’t do any extra work!
  • • You don’t need additional employees!
  • • You don’t need additional overhead!

Does that sound like what you’re looking for? If so, read on.

So, how do you make money with this fantastic new product? Let me explain. You will earn from $45.00 to $50.00 for each thirty-minute treatment. If you have a beauty salon, you can offer it to patrons who are getting a manicure or pedicure if you like. It’s a perfect fit.

If you own a clinic, spa or salon, you simply suggest it to your clients. Your assistant will quickly prepare the spa and start the client’s treatment. The client will love it!

Lots Of Repeat Business

That’s right. Your patients or clients will need 6 to 10 sessions. Moreover, they’ll need (and look forward to) a maintenance program of 1 – 4 treatments each month to help keep their toxin levels and blood PH in balance. Are you beginning to see the positive effect this will have on your income?

Let me tell you more about this exciting spa and you’ll understand why people will look forward to paying you a visit and paying the cost of the treatment.

The machine is a futuristic foot bath, which has a built-in computer system. It uses warm salt water charged with a positive or negative ion charge, which detoxifies the body. The machine plugs into a standard outlet and runs for thirty minute treatments with its pre-programmed settings.

We have pre-programmed our foot bath for an important reason, and that is to have a product which is 100% safe, effective and easy to use. In fact, with other machines if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can injure your clients because machines can produce the wrong polarity charge due to user error. This will convert the pH level into a downward spiral into the acidic level! That WON’T HAPPEN WITH THE LENSON IONIC DETOX FOOT SPA.

We designed our two models to be safe and easy to use. The one you will receive is designed for commercial use. It’s strong and durable.

This advanced technology will boost your sales. And you don’t need new clients or patients! Your current clients will love your new offering. In addition, they’ll refer others to you.

You’ll generate new clientele. You’ll stand out as a leader in your field. You don’t need any certification or training to do the treatments. You don’t need to hire extra staff. And it just takes a few minutes to prepare and start the machine. It shuts off when it’s finished. That’s it.

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We’ll Give You An Ion Foot Spa Complete Starter Package Absolutely Free!

For a limited time, we’ll give you  . . .

  • • A free array (modual)
  • • 80 Free liners
  • • Free sea salt
  • • Free promotional poster
  • • 25 Free brochures

This is a value of over $170.00!!

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The investment in your foot spa is a very small amount of money that will give you BIG PROFITS! It’s not like you’re spending a fortune. For this modest amount of money, you can earn $1500 or more each week! Moreover, your income will build up each month.

And remember, your profit will come from your CURRENT CLIENTS. No searching around for new business. You’re simply offering added value to your current clients. But, you can be sure they will recommend other people so they too can enjoy this unique and healthy experience.

So order now. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Sincerely yours,

Barry Cross